WSA Co Limited
Badgerys Creek, NSW

Our involvement

JK Geotechnics completed over 200 cored boreholes and 60 test pits, with the boreholes involving core drilling of the bedrock to maximum depths of about 20m and the installation of geotechnical instrumentation, such as vibrating wire piezometers connected to data loggers with remote telemetry equipment, and groundwater monitoring wells.

Project challenges

The investigation was required to be completed within a tight time frame over an extensive area.  The investigation required careful management of drilling and excavation plant and equipment, coordination of field data and scheduling of laboratory testing in a timely manner by our Project Director in close consultation with our field engineers and geologists.  During the investigation up to 4 drilling rigs and 2 excavators were operating simultaneously and all work was coordinated with the WSA Co site manager taking into account access for workers and other interested parties.

Our solutions

The tight time frame and site location remote from our head office necessitated the establishment a site compound to facilitate sample storage, logging of rock core, point load strength index testing and core photography to the investigation specification requirements.  This allowed draft logs to be provided to designers within a few days of drilling and the scope of the laboratory testing was agreed between JKG and the designers on a regular basis to keep the investigation work progressing.