Central Coast Council (and the former Gosford City Council)
Wisemans Ferry Road, various locations including Gunderman, Spencer and Greengrove, NSW

Ongoing since 2009

Our involvement

Geotechnical investigations including cored boreholes, piezometer and inclinometer installations and monitoring, walkover stability assessments, design and direction of riverbank and hillside stabilisation measures at numerous locations along the road. Currently assisting with advice on stability following the recent bushfires.

Project challenges

The road provides the only means of access to numerous property owners and landslide stabilisation solutions needed to be designed and implemented such that the road remained open.  Many of the sites were difficult to access, over grown and/or steep.

Our solutions

JK Geotechnics (JKG) continue to complete rainfall, groundwater and river level monitoring at selected locations. JKG have also completed stability and retaining wall analyses and risk assessments in accordance with the current RMS risk analysis guidelines. Various stabilisation measures, including sandstone log retaining walls, rock bolts and reinforced shotcrete, have designed, detailed, specified and installed to improve risk levels. The works were directed by JKG representatives. JKG have also developed ongoing long-term monitoring strategies to assist Council in managing the risks affecting their infrastructure.